Are You Blacklisted?

Let's find out...
Being blacklisted is a common reason for emails ending up in spam, triggering alerts, and being rejected by recipients
Escape the Spam Trap! Unlock Mystrika's Powerful AI Warmup to Supercharge Your Email Reputation and Guarantee Inbox Delivery.

Most Asked Questions

What is Mystrika?

Mystrika is an AI-powered sales acceleration platform, driven via Cold Email. It provides businesses with tools and services to streamline and optimize their sales processes.

The cold mailing platform offers features such as personalized email outreach, lead conversion, A/B testing, Inbox rotation and sales automation, aimed at helping businesses save time and increase the efficiency of their sales processes.

The goal of Mystrika is to provide a comprehensive sales solution that helps businesses reach and convert more prospects into customers.

Can I really connect and warm up unlimited accounts?

Absolutely! You can connect as many email accounts as you require from any provider.

How much effort does Mystrika need?

Mystrika is designed to automate your sales processes to help you save time and increase efficiency. With AI-powered tools for personalized email outreach, lead generation, and sales automation, Mystrika streamlines your sales process and helps you close more deals with less effort.

Once your campaigns are set up in Mystrika, the platform runs completely on autopilot.

All you need to do is ensure there are enough leads in your campaigns, and Mystrika will take care of the rest, automating your sales processes for maximum efficiency and results.

Is there a support for Mystrika?

Of course, we offer email, contact form based support anytime. We also have an active community support in Facebook Group.

Do you offer a trial?

Even better, we offer a free forever plan with 1 warm up email address and leads to test everything without any commitments.