Turn Cold Emails
into Hot Leads!

Grow your business on a Fixed Budget with Unlimited Warmup & Sending Email IDs.

360° Growth Hack Solution

Exclusive features for premium businesses.

Provider Matching

Match your sending email ids to your prospect's email provider for premium positive response.
It's a known fact that Google to Google (and Microsoft to Microsoft) email deliveries perform better and go through fewer filters than cross-delivery. Let's leverage that for more sales.

Teaser Text

With Mystrika your pitch starts before your email is opened.
Imagine if you could incentivize your prospects, even before they had a chance to open your email. Learn More.

A.I. Personalization

With Mystrika, your business has one of the most sophisticated A.I. systems at your service.
Whether you want to write ice-breakers (for each prospect) or write whole emails,
Mystrika gives you complete flexibility to do that and more.

Join 5,000+ Agencies and Businesses that are closing more clients.

Don’t just run a business, let Mystrika help you soar.
Ease of Usage
Average: 8.7
Ease of Setup
Average: 8.1
Support Quality
Average: 8.0

Always land in Inbox

Mystrika has the #1 premium quality warmup network in the industry that tirelessly builds your email reputation on autopilot.

A better email reputation ensures your emails will always land in your prospect's inbox.

Infinite scale at a fixed cost

Mystrika allows you to add unlimited sending email addresses to your account.

This means you can keep scaling up the volume and closing more deals at a fixed cost.

This ensures your pipeline always remains full, like clockwork.

Kristine Smith: Agency Owner
Mystrika is an excellent tool for businesses looking to improve their conversion rate and sales. Before I started using Mystrika, my sales were slow and I struggled to convert new leads. But after incorporating this tool into my outreach strategy, my sales have significantly improved. What sets Mystrika apart from other cold mailing tools is its advanced AI technology that personalizes emails and it's Spintax ensures emails are not repeated. This has helped me stand out in my prospect's inbox and their warmup increase my response rates.
The email tracking and lead scoring features are a great way to keep track of my email campaigns and evaluate the success of my outreach efforts. The automation capabilities have also saved me a significant amount of time, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business.
Overall, Mystrika has been a game-changer for my business. It has helped me increase my response rates, generate new leads, and put my sales back on track. I highly recommend this tool to any business looking to improve their email outreach efforts.

Inbox Placement

Using our #1 Quality Warmup pool, we ensure your email reputation is high.

  • AOL and Yahoo pool
  • Google and Microsoft pool
  • All other email providers


Manage all your emails (and reply) from Universal Inbox.

  • Reply, Forward, CC, and more
  • Works across all Sending Email IDs

API & WebHooks

Integrate with external CRM via API & WebHooks.

  • WebHooks include email body
  • API can control flow of campaign

Bounce Check

Rigorous bounce check to maintain your reputation.

  • Blacklist monitoring and notification
  • Bounce detection and automatic action

Multi Language

Build reputation based on language you use.

  • Warmup in Multiple languages
  • 8 Different languages are supported

Unibox Forward & Looping

Get notified as soon as your email comes to Unibox.

  • Unibox Notification
  • Reply directly from your master inbox

A.I. Everywhere

Don't get blocked, let A.I. help you.

  • A.I. personalization
  • A.I. email writing solution


Make your pitch before your email is opened.

  • Teaser Text
  • Boost the open rate

OOO, Negative Sentiment

Let's reduce your workload

  • Automatic compliance support
  • Automatic classification, Clean Unibox

Transparent Price

Scale infinitely on a fixed cost, no surprises.

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually


Just getting started



per Month

(Paid Annually)

67% Off

  • Unlimited Email Address
  • Unlimited Warmup
  • 5,000 Uploaded Contacts
  • Re-use Contacts slot anytime
  • No Monthly Sending limit
  • Webhooks
  • A.I. Personalization
  • Advanced Sequences
  • A/B Test (26 Variations)
  • Bounce Detection
  • Email reputation monitoring
  • Daily Email status
  • Advanced Features





per Month

(Paid Annually)

68% Off

  • Everything from Growth plan
  • 35,000 Uploaded Contacts
  • Re-use Contacts slot anytime
  • Workspaces available
  • Team Member system
  • API system
  • Webhooks
  • Provider Match
  • Out of Office system
  • Negative Sentiment system
  • GoodBye email system
  • Unibox forward system
  • Unibox looping system
  • Priority Support


For explosive growth



per Month

(Paid Annually)

68% Off

  • Everything from Dominate plan
  • 125,000 Uploaded Contacts
  • Re-use Contacts slot anytime
  • Macro system
  • Template system
  • Extensive Analytics available
  • API & Webhooks
  • Provider Match
  • Workspaces & Teams
  • Out of Office system
  • Negative Sentiment system
  • GoodBye email system
  • Priority Support

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