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This article guides you through the steps of adding your iCloud address to Mystrika for warmup.

Generate your App password on iCloud and copy it

Connecting your account to Mystrika

  1. Go to Mystrika Dashboard
  2. Click on "Add Email ID"
  3. Enter "Name on the Email Address" (iCloud email address)
  4. Enter "Email Address" (iCloud email address)
  5. Select type as "IMAP / SMTP"
  6. Our system will automatically populate the value for IMAP and SMTP, Host and Port.
  7. Enter "your email address" in IMAP Username and SMTP Username
  8. Paste the generated "app password" in IMAP Password and SMTP Password
  9. Mystrika will automatically validate the credentials and add account successfully if all goes well.

Just sit and relax, stats will show up next day.

Note : If you aren't able to connect your email address

  1. Confirm if you are using "App Password", and not your login password.
  2. Use an Email Client (like thunderbird) and check if your email settings/credentials are actually working, before reaching to Mystrika Support.