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Mystrika, your AI-powered partner, simplifies your sales process, personalizes your outreach, and automates your warmup. It’s not just about working hard, it’s about working smart. With Mystrika, you’re not just closing more deals, you’re doing it with less effort. That’s the power of smart sales.
Kristine Smith:
Agency Owner
Mystrika is an excellent tool for businesses looking to improve their conversion rate and sales. Before I started using Mystrika, my sales were slow and I struggled to convert new leads. But after incorporating this tool into my outreach strategy, my sales have significantly improved. What sets Mystrika apart from other cold mailing tools is its advanced AI technology that personalizes emails and it's Spintax ensures emails are not repeated. This has helped me stand out in my prospect's inbox and their warmup increase my response rates.
The email tracking and lead scoring features are a great way to keep track of my email campaigns and evaluate the success of my outreach efforts. The automation capabilities have also saved me a significant amount of time, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business.
Overall, Mystrika has been a game-changer for my business. It has helped me increase my response rates, generate new leads, and put my sales back on track. I highly recommend this tool to any business looking to improve their email outreach efforts.

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Mystrika: Designed with You in Mind

Let us send you customers

Mystrika AI Email Writer

Cold Emails that write themselves

Mystrika isn’t just another cold email tool. It’s the first one that employs AI to craft your cold emails for you. But it doesn’t stop there. Mystrika’s AI also personalizes each email, making your outreach more effective. [Video Demo]

Think about all the time you’ll save, time that you can invest back into your business, while Mystrika handles the heavy lifting.
Picture this: generating a complete set of email variations, from A to Z, in an instant. That’s the power of Mystrika.

Pre-Headers to Boost your Open rate

Mystrika stands alone as the only Cold Email tool that competes with top-tier Email Marketing tools, offering premium features like Pre-Headers.

Pre-Headers, or Teaser-text, let you add a short line next to your subject. This line is visible to your prospects even before they open your emails.

This feature gives you the power to pique their interest, stir their curiosity, capture their attention, and compel them to open your emails. With Mystrika, you’re not just sending emails, you’re starting conversations. [Video Demo]

Email Pre-headers
Mystrika Exponential Growth

Unlimited Auto-Rotating Email Accounts that Drive Exponential Growth

Unleash the power of unlimited email addresses with Mystrika. Say farewell to constraints and welcome a world of increased conversions. Personalize Your Emails for Maximum Impact and Watch Your Sales Skyrocket.

Simply connect your accounts and watch your response rates soar. Effortlessly track your email campaigns and transform those leads into loyal customers. Be part of the revolution and see your business grow with Mystrika.

Revolutionize Your Follow-Up with Automated Followups

Mystrika's automated email sequence feature takes the hassle out of follow-up and increases the efficiency of your sales process. With our platform, you can set up an effective highly personalized follow-up sequence in minutes, freeing up time to focus on other important tasks.

Maximize Your Conversion Potential with Our Three-Part Email Sequence: Each Step Brings You Closer to Your Goal.

The Welcome Mat: Our introduction sequence is your digital handshake, introducing your brand or service to the lead. It’s personalized, relevant, and designed to catch the lead’s eye, making them more likely to engage with your proposal.

The Value Boost: Our value-add follow-up is like a guided tour of your product or service, spotlighting the benefits for the lead. This step draws the lead in further, positioning your brand as the answer to their needs.

The Final Offer: Our break-off email is the last step in the sequence, but often it’s where the magic happens. This is where we determine if the lead is a good fit for your brand. Interestingly, many prospects convert at this stage, driven by the fear of missing out on a great opportunity. If they’re not interested, the final offer allows you to part ways amicably, freeing you up to focus on leads with a higher conversion potential. With Mystrika, every step is a step towards success.

AI Follow up leads on automation
Maximize Your Outreach with AI-Powered Email Optimization

Master Your Inbox: Stay on Top with Unibox's Tracking and Reply Features

Streamline your lead management and ditch the hassle of juggling 20+ mailboxes - with Unibox, you'll never miss a lead and can easily reply to everything from one master inbox.

Tired of wasting valuable time logging into multiple mailboxes to find potential clients' responses? It's time to shift your focus to closing deals. With Unibox, you can manage all your leads in one central location, allowing you to promptly respond to your customers and accelerate your sales process.

Keep track your customer communication with complete context, and never lose context again with our 360 view master inbox.

Mystrika is the only Cold Email tool, that let's you create Master Inbox without hassle, using Unibox Forwarding and Looping.

Outsmart Spam Filters with Mystrika's AI Warmups

Unlock the full potential of your email campaigns and reach more leads than ever before with unlimited warm-up on Mystrika.

Take control of building your email reputation with our customizable options, or sit back and let our AI work its magic. Either way, you have the versatility to choose the best approach for you.

Our feature-rich dashboard makes it easy to manage everything you need, end-to-end.

Accelerate Your Email Outreach with Unlimited Warm-Up
Daily statistics and Reputation monitoring

Daily statistics and Reputation monitoring

  • Chart to visually see the progress.
  • Monitor how many emails are landing in spam.
  • Update your schedule or setting anytime.

Built in failsafe

Mystrika is a powerful tool that has been carefully designed to ensure your success.

From reputation management to keeping your tabs on credential, we have you covered at every level.

Trust Mystrika to be your guide on the path to achieving your goals.

Built in failsafe
Maximize Your Outreach with AI-Powered Email Optimization

AI-Powered Email Optimization that Maximizes Your Outreach

Unlock the full potential of your email outreach with Mystrika's AI-powered optimization. Say goodbye to generic, uninteresting emails and hello to highly personalized, attention-grabbing messages that get the results you want.

With our cutting-edge technology, you can optimize your emails for deliverability and increase your response rates, all while saving time and streamlining your outreach efforts.

Join the businesses who have seen significant growth with Mystrika's AI optimization. Start maximizing your outreach today.

Seamless integration

By integrating with all Email Service providers, we provide you with the opportunity to easily and quickly establish a positive reputation for your emails.

Simply add your email address details and we will get started on building a strong reputation for your emails right away.

Write few emails, upload your leads and get started in less than 5 minutes.

Seamless integration

Most Asked Questions

What is Mystrika?

Mystrika is an AI-powered sales acceleration platform. It provides businesses with tools and services to streamline and optimize their sales processes.

The cold mailing platform offers features such as personalized email outreach, lead conversion, and sales automation, aimed at helping businesses save time and increase the efficiency of their sales processes.

The goal of Mystrika is to provide a comprehensive sales solution that helps businesses reach and convert more prospects into customers.

Can I really connect and warm up unlimited accounts?

Absolutely! You can connect as many email accounts as you require from any provider. We do, however, follow a soft limit model with a maximum email address count of 199.

Any additional limit on Mystrika that I should be aware of?

Below are Mystrika wide limit to maintain quality of the warmup pool and system:

  • Max Emails 100 / email id / day - Scale your Outreach horizontally, use more email ids.
  • Max Emails IDs on a Single Domain is 10 - Cold Emails should not be sent using more then 5 email ids from a single domain (10 is living on the edge). Just get more domains.
  • If you hit soft limit of 199 warmup email ids, ask us for raising the limit.

How kind of Email protocol does Mystrika support?

Mystrika is designed to work with IMAP and SMTP protocols, that are the universal protocol for Email Server and services worldwide according to RFC standards.

That means Mystrika supports any and all Email Providers that allow IMAP / SMTP access to their service and accounts.

How much effort does Mystrika need?

Mystrika is designed to automate your sales processes to help you save time and increase efficiency. With AI-powered tools for personalized email outreach, lead generation, and sales automation, Mystrika streamlines your sales process and helps you close more deals with less effort.

Once your campaigns are set up in Mystrika, the platform runs completely on autopilot.

All you need to do is ensure there are enough leads in your campaigns, and Mystrika will take care of the rest, automating your sales processes for maximum efficiency and results.

Is there a support for Mystrika?

Of course, we offer email, contact form based support anytime. We also have an active community support in Facebook Group.

Does Mystrika limit the number of emails I can send daily?

Yes we do, we limit daily warmup email setting per email address to 50 emails per day. And daily campaign email per sending email address to 50 emails per day as well.

This has been done after extensive research to ensure, your sending email accounts last much longer and potentially maintain good reputation forever.

Do you offer a trial?

Even better, we offer a free forever plan with 1 warm up email address.

However, the campaigns and cold mailing system are available on paid plans only.

You read this far, why not give it a try?
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