Warmup getting Automatically disabled.

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One of the top most priority on Mystrika is to ensure, the quality of warmup pool remains of highest quality.

To maintain such high standard, it's imperative that every email id being part of Mystrika's pool remains functional, follows the best practices and most important, never bounce email due to system failures.

Find reason for warmup getting disabled

Mystrika's system will send automatic notification email when it takes an action on your email address, and mention the reason for it.

You can also see the reason by going to.

(Home tab)[https://my.mystrika.com/] > Next to your disable email id > Click "four dots" > Select "Warmup Config"

It will display the reason for getting it disabled at top.

Different reasons and actions

Spam or Junk folder not found

Mystrika requires every email id in the system to have a Spam and Junk folder. This error only occurs due to two reasons.

  1. Your email id does not have a Spam or Junk folder. Some Email providers only create Spam/Junk folder when you login into their web mail portal for the first time. So, if your email id is new, you should login into web mail portal provided by your ESP (Email Service Provider) to ensure Spam/Junk folder is already there.
  2. Your Spam or Junk folder name is in language, that Mystrika doesn't recognize yet. In this case drop us an email and we will add your language support.

Email bounced to your email address

Mystrika requires every active email id in the warmup pool to be functional at all times. So, if any email id in the warmup pool failed to make an email delivery to your email id (without a fault of their own), action is taken against your email id.

To know the exact reason, download the bounce email.

SPF, DKIM and DMARC Failure

As part of Email Best practise, it is absolutely necessary to have SPF, DKIM and DMARC records on your domain for Emails.

However, as every ESP (Email Service provider), has it's own set of records, it is upto the customer to talk to their ESP and get correct records.

If Mystrika get's a bounce email due to missing or invalid SPF/DKIM/DMARC, it will disable your Email Id.

To see exact bounced email, download the bounce email.

Your Domain/IP or your ESP's network is on blacklist or partial blacklist

If your Email ID or network you are sending from, gets listed on Blacklist (full or partial in case of Microsoft), Mystrika will take your email id out of warmup pool.

It is up to you to get yourself de-listed, or ask your ESP to sort it out before re-enabling your email id.

To see exact bounced email, download the bounce email.

Use services like mxtoolbox, if the blacklist name/network is not mentioned in bounced email.

Rate limited

If your ESP has a sending limit on your account, and we receive bounce emails restricting our system from sending warmup emails from your email id, Mystrika's system will automatically disable warmup.

It is upto you to talk to your ESP about the limits they impose and get them removed, or change your provider.