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This article guides you about what to do if a verification email is not received.

Let's find your missing email.

If the verification email is not showing up in your inbox, please check your spam/junk email folder.

100% of the time, when we have received this issue on our support, we have found the email was delivered successfully.

We do not delay the verification email sending, and it's send immediately.

You have option to re-send the verification email, with cap of one verification email very 15 minute.

Please also note, verification link must be used within 1 hour, else they expire.

Before contacting us on this issue, we request you to attempt verification on another email id that you own.

If you are sure you have not received the verification email within 5 min of triggering it on either of your email ids.

Please reach out to us, and we will check on our end.