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This article guides you through the steps of adding your G-suite/Gmail address to Mystrika for warmup.

It involves 3 steps.

  1. Enable IMAP settings.
  2. Enable 2 Factor Verification (2FA)
  3. Create an App Password

Enable IMAP settings

New accounts on G-suite/G-workplace/Gmail usually have IMAP enabled, but older ones might have them disabled. Let's enable them.

  1. Go to G-suite/Gmail
  2. Click on Settings in the top right corner, the See all settings.
  1. Click the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab
  2. In the "IMAP Access" section, select "Enable IMAP".
  1. Save Changes

Enable 2 Factor Verification

  1. Go to Security Settings and click on "Two Step verification".
  2. Click GET STARTED
  3. If it prompts to login, please login again.
  4. Set up your phone for Two Factor authentication
  5. Enter the code you've received on your phone number to confirm.
  6. Once you've confirmed click TURN ON

Create App password

App Password option has been moved under 2-step verification now

  1. Go to Security Settings and click on "App passwords".
  2. If it prompts to login, please login again.
  3. Select App as Mail and Device as Other (Custom)
  4. Enter anything for the name, it doesn't matter. For tracking purposes you can enter Mystrika.
  5. An app password will be automatically generated. COPY and SAVE it. We will use this in Mystrika.

Connecting your account to Mystrika

  1. Go to Mystrika Dashboard
  2. Click on "Add Email ID"
  3. Enter "Name on the Email Address"
  4. Enter "Email Address"
  5. Select type as "G-Suite/Gmail"
  6. PASTE the App password that you copied earlier from Google accounts.
  7. Mystrika will automatically validate the credentials and add account successfully if all goes well.

Just sit and relax, stats will show up next day.

(Optional) Tie G-Authenticator to Mystrika for OTP

  1. Go to Mystrika Dashboard
  2. Click on four dots for menu next to your G-mail/G-suite email id.
  3. Click option "G-Authenticator"
  4. Goto Google Security Settings and click on "2-Step Verification".
  5. Select Backup Codes and Save them in safe place.
  6. Go back and Select Authenticator App "G-Suite/Gmail"
  7. Click option "Setup Authenticator" or "Change Authenticator App". Note : If you change app, old one will not work anymore.
  8. Right click on QR Code and Save image.
  9. Upload the Image on Mystrika, at Step 3 page and click Update Authenticator.
  10. COPY the code from Mystrika and PASTE the code on the Google Accounts page at Step 8.
  11. If Google verification succeeds for the code, you can generate OTP anytime from Mystrika UI.

Note : If you aren't able to connect your email address

  1. Check if you have IMAP enabled, as per process above.
  2. Confirm if you are using "App Password", and not your login password.
  3. Use an Email Client (like thunderbird) and check if your email settings/credentials are actually working, before reaching to Mystrika Support.